Monday, January 3, 2011

How I Wash My Makeup Brush & Spot Cleaning.

As we all know the fact that effectve tools always help in creating a master peice, especially in art work. If proper tools are used while cooking then we get the perfect texture & consistency of the food. Same goes with makeup, If proper tools are used they can help us creating what we always dreamed for. But if they are poorly cared?
- They shed
- Fibres lock the pigments colours in them, Does not wash off easily
-  Spore formation, Which can damage our skin.

So, Today ill show you guys how i wash my makeup brushes, I dont use any makeup brush remover, I belive in washing them off and leting them drying through out the whole night. Lets get started.

1- Rinse the brush in running water

2- Take any liquid body soap, Small amount

3-Run your brush back & forth in that soap, You will notice all the makeup is coming out.

4- After you notice all the left over of makeup coming out, Rinse it in water again.

5- Take out a small amount of liquid soap again

6- Run your brush again, Untill it makes lather,So that the brush is free from all impurities & bacteria

 7- Rinse throughly, In cold water, Warm water can help in melting the adhesive present inside the brush bristtle which can end up in shedding of bristles.

8- Dry the brushes with clean & sanitized towel

 9- Let those brushes dries in upside down position, so that moisture doesnot get absorbed in brush bristle, Trust me this trick is effective. 

           *I recommend  deep washing those brushes by which we apply liquid & cream based products like Liquid foundation & creme blushes etc. Other wise repeat this process only one time if powder products are used.


                                                 You can spot clean the makeup brushes by using brush cleaner available. It hard to find over here in Pakistan. Home made brush cleaner is also not that effective as i have heard they leave the brushes with greasiness. If you have brush cleaner liquid  then well & good, If not you can have an alternative as i do have and that is alcohol pads isopropyl 70%. They are basically for medical purpose. You can find them in good drug store or pharmacy. 


1- Take out the alcohol pad like this 

2- Run the brush back & forth, You will notice the bristles are leaving all the makeup left over on the pad. This way you can spot clean & sanitize the brush When you dont have time to wash & wait for the brush to dry so thats a smart alternative.

*I hope this description will help many of you. Save your skin & makeup brushes.

*Picture courtesy: My sister saba ch. Thanks dear ;-) love ya!!


  1. Hey loved the post .. well mixing medium, u can use alcohol .. we can get from pharmacy .. I made home made cleanser , and that was quite good :)
    It even made leather too ..

    I do deep cleaning once a week for every brush I have , whether I have used it or not , becoz brushes do get bacteria so fast :(

  2. i never tried if making home made cleanser, mischevious told once her video that home made cleanser are nt that effective.