Friday, January 21, 2011

I am Loving It! Luscious " Mineral Eyeshadows"

  So today i am writing about Luscious precious mineral, eyeshadow which i recently bought online from thier site. As i am LUSCIOUS hard core fan so i just bought to try them out, but i was amazed to see the consistency of the powder also the quality, the pigment and the rich formula which give that STUNNING look to the eyes if even one shade is applied. I am too excited to share the reviews with you guys.

WHAT THE COMPANY SAYS:   " range of silky, pure mineral pigment eyeshadows, created with minerals for out-of-this-world color delivery. We all know that mineral pigment eyeshadows are the most sought after in the world due to the vibrant results they create in eye makeup.Pigments are also extremely expensive and each shade is normally sold separately by other beauty brands. Hundreds of Luscious fans have emailed me to complain about the high price of pure pigments and requested to create them for my brand. One of my main concerns is to keep Luscious products as affordable as possible, so our Precious Metals Pure Mineral Eyeshadows (3 shades in each set) will be available at a quarter of the price of a single shade sold by other beauty brands! Now that's what I call celebrating beauty, don't you agree? "

MY HONEST COMMENTS: I honestly find these powders very great very high pigmented and stay on stuff. The powder is mineralized formula that means its very safe sensitive skin & eyes. The consistency of the powder is thick and cream to powder kind of. While applied adequatly i am 100% sure you wont experiance much fall outs as compared to other powdered eyeshadows. Even with out applying primer or eyeshadow base you can get best result on eyes by having the same shade you see in 
the jar. 
You can do a combination with these 3 pretty shades. As i have applied the gold one on brow area, Pink one on eyelids and the turqouise one in lower eyelid area. Lined my eyes with luscious eyeliner and applied few coates of Luscious's incredible lash mascara  :)
Also you can apply any one of the beautifull shade on your eyelids it will also look pretty. As i have applied the 
turquoise one in my eyelid area and smudged the luscious's compact eyeshadow in "Smoke" on my upper and lower eyelids with pencil brush. And applied incredible lash mascara.

The colours are very pretty, Perfect for this season. They are really girly shades.            

I just love this colour, Its kind of sea green/Turqouise.

 This one is best for high lighting the brow area, can be applied as single shade on lids for day time. Its kind of earthy toned gold shade. Hint of this shade can add glow to the nose bridge, tear ducts and also cheek bones :)

This shade is also pretty. Its kind of peachy pink or "Gajri colour". Great for lid colour & hint of this shimmer can add glow to the cheeks:) 

There are 4 different combinations, each stackable pot featuring three gorgeous perfectly co-ordinated shades!   Enchanted summer holidays pop art star dust Each shade glides on like silk so you can use a single shade for a pop of colour on your eyes or layer each shade for ulta-glam looks.

I hope you girls liked my review about this beautifull recently launched product by Luscious cosmetics. The price of each stack of mineral eyeshadow is  575/- PKR . Its very reasonable that in this price we get three beautifull shade and trust me jar is large enough and would take ages to get finished ;-) visit thier site to place order or to see more exciting stuff by them.


  1. Thanks for the review. these sure are pigmented :)

  2. :) thanks & yes this stuff is to die for.

  3. Lovely review! I got them. They are definitely to die for. Can be used as an eyeliner too =)

  4. these are the most attractive of all, i'll surely pick this one when i get back :)