Friday, January 14, 2011

My Dream Face Brush " Duo Fibre Stippling Brush By Luscious Cosmetics".

So girls, Today i have a treat for you girls ;-) ill give a short & cute reveiw about my favourite kind of brush that is duo fibre stippling brush. For the first time in pakistan Luscious Cosmetics have launched the dou fibre stippling brush and which is comparable to any best brush of any good brand

WHAT COMPANY SAYS: This brush features a blend of natural & synthetic fibers to pick up 2 layers of products which will give a satiny appearance. The dense bristles give ultimate control and lets you layer product beautifully, depending how sheer or heavy you want coverage to be. Can be used to apply dry or creamy products, Like stick foundation, Liquid shimmer & highlighting powders.

MY PERSONAL WORDS: As it has got two kinds of fibers you can see in the picture. The top part of the brush is really soft, and works really swiftly on face by leaving the face flaw less. As compared to flat foundation brush this brush works really well on face. When any product especially liquid is applied on the brush the bristles divide them selves in small pointed section and when its stippled slowly on face it gives very HD coverage on face, I have experimented this trick ;-). Also the benefit of this brush is that in less time you can finish applying your liquid or cream foundation in no minutes, you just have to apply it with circular motions. Same goes with powdered products. Loose powder, Loose face illuminator by this brush you can finish off your makeup quickly. Well generally i have kept my this Luscious's Stipling brush for applying my Luscious's flaw less finish foundation & luscious's HD mineral foundation which is thier latest product in market and selling as hot cakes!

BRUSH IS PERFECT FOR: This brush is perfect for those girls specially whose skin is acne prone, & have scars and dark spots on face. As this brush gives air brush HD like coverage so it can help in making your face flawless as quite some degrees :)
Its of 850/- PKR. I guess its quite reasonable, high quality stuff, which is easily available in pakistan and also creulity free. Do buy & enjoy, Cheers!