Thursday, January 6, 2011

My favourite Kabuki Brush By Luscious Cosmetic's Individual Brush Range.

I am a makeup adict, Love to collect makeup  stuff also brushes. Ever since Meher Bano Sethi has launched Luscious  Cosmetics which is now known as our national brand, Shes giving her the best possible to all the girls of pakistan. Apart from Luscious's gorgeous cosmetics range they have makeup tools as well. We all know Makeup brushes helps us in giving all those effects in proper way which we need. They have "Delux Diva brush Set" Perfect for pro's. Also basic brush set. Few months ago they have launched thier individual brush range. The best thing about them is that they are cruelty free. They are man made. I will be reveiwing my favourites. 

                             "KABUKI BRUSH"

Kabuki brush is my all time favourite shape of Brush. Its cute short handeled, Luscious's signature is stamped on the handled and giving it a very glam touch ;-).
              The shape is inspired by japanese makeup artistry, Geisha makeup is applied with the help of kabuki brush. Luscious's Kabuki brush is ideal for applying face powder,Buffing the shimmer on face or powdered mineral foundation on face. As you can see the picture and i hope you can read all description.

Its also ideal if you are in rush and want to apply and cover more face area in less time then this brush is ideal. The bristles of the brush are soft, When buffing on face it gives a feel of softness & silkiness.

Another plus point is its dense as you can see the top part you can see and i usually run my fingers in it its really DENSE. Best quality of any makeup brush is that its firm, And while applying makeup with this brush i find that its really firm. Grab the product and set the product well on the skin leaving the high coverage.

I apply my luscious's compact powder with kabuki brush. I really like powders particals spreading in the air :D. 
I have another kabuki brush i have kept that for applying shimmer on face. But i have kept it only for powder.

* shedding of bristels when newly purchased is common, So dont worry, after one wash your problem will get solved.

This brush is must have in your vanity. Trust me;-)
Purchase them from: 
& celebrate your beauty ;-)


  1. This is very nice! I need to buy a kabuki brush myself. I live in the States though so I'm probably going to purchase something from here. How much was this brush for?

  2. Yes zainab the brush is very preety :) and its very usefull for applying body stuff like powder shimmer and all. Its of 850/- PKR. For furthur infi email them at : and visit thier website