Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glamorama Makeup & Beauty Shares Her Review About Her Favourite Primer "That Girl" Brightening Face Primer by Benefit



Hello , Glam girlz  , I hope you had a fantastic Sunday , Sorry about delay of this review , I had written it quite a few days back , but my dead speed net waz not allowing me to upload pictures ! ewww :P

Anyways , Finally I'm here with this wonder product, I have fallen in love with this.

My sister brought this from Dubai for me , it was of 138 DH.
On Benefit Cosmetics Website , its price is 28$.
It is not available anywhere in Pakistan :( , I know that's a sad thing for many of you... I am lucky I got this , and really this primer really brightens my skin , I just love it.

It comes in lovely twistable container , you have to roll , for exact amount of product you want , and it gives you only that much you want :) No extra product comes out , you got perfect control over it ;)

You just remove cap , and see many holes on top , from where the product is expelled out when you twist from bottom.

Once product is out of holes , you see it's just like any moisturizer , but it is not greasy at all.
It is pink , you can say liquid , but I would say it semi-solid , It's not too creamy , not too watery , not too think.. Perfect consistency , and superb texture .

It is pink , so it combats my yellow n pale skin very beautifully. I don't know it is brightening as it claims , or not , but it does make my skin very smooth and preps it for application of foundation.

Even without foundation , for a just-too-normal day , I just wear this , and dab my skin with little of loose powder , and I get perfect results. 

 It has a very lovely berry type , bubble gum like fragrance , which refreshens u :)
I absolutely recommend it.

1. Lovely fragrance
2. Easily blendable
3. Great texture
4. Easy to use container

1. Very high priced
2. Not available in Pakistan :(

I hope you like my review :) You can buy it HERE


Posted By Fizza Owner Of GLAMORAMA MAKEUP & BEAUTY!!

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