Monday, February 28, 2011

Bold Metallic Luscious Cosmetics Cream liners :)

Heya girls :) 
So girls, i recently bought new bold cream liners by Luscious cosmetics. I was really in search of some good pastels cream liners especially for eyes. Then i got good news that Luscious have launched them. Over site all colours seems very interesting & tempting just wana grab all of them :D my first priority was cream white liner. It must have for applying on waterline just to make your eyes pop up. I have tried many cream white liners but didnot get that amazing stay on waterproof consistency.So finally i bought Bold cream liners in "Snow white" & "Rock star" shade. Both are amazing. has got finely chopped glitter specks which are non irritant.

What company says:  Bold colour that makes a statment. Eight glorious shades of sparkling eyeliner that deliver powerful, vibrant colour. A waterproof, smudge proof, fade-proof formula that glides on for a long lasting finish. At last, an eyeliner pencil that keeps its promise!
Also they are opthamologist tested & Lanolin free!
  *Do try them out they have got 8 amazing beautifull pastel shades:
1-Snow WHite
3-Aqua blue
4-Metallic purple
5-Peacock green
6-Electric blue
7-Metallic silver
8-Flashy green

I have got 2 shades:
snow white
Its milky whitesh colour. Really great for eyeshadow bases for baby colours, or to pop out the colour of eyeshadow. Also perfect for waterline. Best thing is its creamy so we dont need to put colour on & on. 

This one is rockstar, as the name indicate that it would be some fun stuff. Yes it is, It has also got metallic shimmer specks which when individualy worn can stand up your eyes. Its quite creamy and as the swatch shows its intense black. Will be buying thier new shades very soon :)

Price is 245/- each. available at every Luscious counter nation wide or order online at
Umm loving them, do try them out.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

AprilAthena7's beauty blog hosting a contest do check out.

Giveaway for subscribers living outside of U.S. & Canada! 

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Because I live in the U.S. of my sponsors are in the U.S. and Canada, but I want to give back to my international subscribers as well and so here are some goodies for you! :)

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ELF Lipgloss
NYC Mosaic eye color
Urban Decay mini gloss in Baked
Castledew Lip Gloss #27 from Asian Fashion City
ELF HD Powder
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2 ELF Blushes, Pink Passion
Color Science SPF30

Gingeng Mask Pack, 1 sheet mask
Lush sample soap Godmother Body Soap
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Loreal Blush
Allison Faffaele Lipgloss 
ELF Gloss
Sample of Cure Natural Aqua Gel
Japonesque Lashes

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Ultra-Glam, Ultra Shine Lip Gloss By Luscious Cosmetics

Ultra shine lip gloss, a blend of cute, girly & pretty colour as well as beneficial vitamins which will protect the delicate lips :)
They are available in 6 amazing shades:
1- Flutter 
2- Delight
3- Popsicle
4- Crush
5- Pout
6- Shine

What Company Says:  "Turn on the shine with Luscious Ultra shine Lip gloss".
In an array of gorgeous supar-shiny shades that add a glistening splash of colour with a delicious fruity scent. Coat lips with a shot of ultra-glam that goes on smooth & fast with a silky brush applicator that keeps you in perfect control. Protects & nourishes your lips with the powerful antioxidant vitamins A,C & E. 


I have got 3 shades of Ultra shine lipgloss Popsicle, Pout & Crush.

 Popsicle: Its very cool toned shade, Perfect for day time.  I will count this colour in the category of peach
As you can clearly see the swatch. The majority of the shades of the Ultra shine glosses are pastel. I really love this colour it was the first shade which i bought among Ultra shine lip glosses.

Pout: This colour has brownish natural tone. If layered with two to three coats it will get deeper. If applied single light coat it gives natural colour to lips.  This colour has got visible shimmer speks in it, which means its perfect for party or somebody who love shimmers like me so its must have for them ;-)

Crush: This colour is to die for trust me, I havent seen any cute pink shade like this one. As the slogen says "Barbie Pink" it really mean it. This shade is my most favourite among all shades. Its quite bright pink pure bubble gum shade.

My Honest Reviews: As  i have mentioned earlier that the all shades are my favourite, All are according to the choice & skin tones of pakistani girls. Second thing is that the wand of the lip gloss is very great, very handy. It has got brush which is ideal for smooth application of gloss on lips. Also i would recommend not to layer this gloss on some lipstick, wear it individualy, or it will loose its individual pretty look. Third thing is the design of the lipgloss bottle is also very glamrous. Beautifull chain designs on the cap of the gloss & Luscious signature on top. Its also perfect for giving gift to any of your friend. 
The price is 395/- PKR. 
Its available at every Luscious counter nation wide also available online 

I hope you all would like my review & would decide to buy some ;-)
Love, Cutibubbli. 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

*Get Blushed* With Luscious Cosmetics Blushons :)

Eversince i have purchased Luscious Cosmetics blushes & applied and experimented different looks with it i just became addicted to them. Not only they are pigmented & they realy stay longer on face.
The colour range revolves around pinks & peachs. 
They offer 6 colours in thier Blush on range
1- Champagne
2- Pink spice
3- Peach melba
4- Sparkle
5- Desert Rose
6- Truly Madly Deeply

WHAT COMPANY SAYS: They are made with multi-toned pigments & light reflecting shimmer, Nothing brings a dull complexion to life like a sweep of LusciousBlush. It imparts a soft healthy glow to your face & blends like a dream. Thier blushes can be worn single shade for a hint of colour or layered with another shade to create seductive depth ;-). 

I have three shades of Luscious Blushons.

As you can see i have Desert rose, Sparkle & Nightlife( which is similar to thier new blush peach melba)

DESSERT ROSE: This colour is my favourite among thier blushes. Its soft, shimmery kind of barbie pink colour & really it gives a hint of bubbly cute cheeks when applied. Its perfect for day time. Also a contouring colour like "Truly Madly Deeply" can be used for contouring of cheeks & this "Desert Rose" shade can be applied apples of cheeks for instant glow.
I have added the swatch of colour as well.

NIGHTLIFE(PEACH MELBA): It fits perfectly in the definition of Peach colour. The shade is quite vibrant. I have experianced that the shade works good if you start building out the colour by adding the amount required. Always start adding small amounts. Well for cute look i just give a hint of peach colour on apples of cheeks usually on day time. & when i have to leave for a party i contour my cheek bones with it.
As you can see the colour & texture of the blush. As compared to other colour it has less amount of shimmer. If only applied few coats it seems that its matte. I love this colour any ways :D

SPARKLE: This colour seems more like a Berry shade, Or you can say garpe colour. This colour is also good for contouring or it can be merged with two colours for perfect photogenic look. I usually contour my cheekbones with sparkle & apply dessert rose colour on apples of cheeks. 
It has got shimmer speks, Which make it perfect for party use. I really love the shimmery & glamorous Touch given by this blush. Its must have for all girls  :D

I will be adding other blush pictures plus thier reviews as ill purchase thier other shades :D

I hope you would like my review. & it would definetly help you while you are deciding to purchase thier blushes :)

Visit Luscious's Official website: 

Love you all :D

Glamorama Makeup & Beauty Posted Her Personal Reviews Regarding Thier Brushes.

REVIEW : Sigma Face & Eyes Brush Kit

My lovely Brushes 

Hello girls , I am very excited today to present you this lovely review .. This review is long overdue.
I was not just getting time to post it , I was tooooooo busy experimenting with my lovely brushes :)

I am reviewing Face & Eyes Kit .. Its available for $54 on Sigma Website. These brushes can be purchased separately too but that will cost $78 .. So I think this kit is a great deal :D
I think they are worth the money .. I totally recommend them , Never ever in my life have used such great and wonderful brushes :)

Sigma new numbering is like this :

E brushes -- For eyes
F brushes -- For face
L brush --    For lips

I have fallen in love with this kit , ever since I have got it  :) .. It's very useful and all the brushes are like which I use almost daily :)

As the Sigma says : 6 professional quality brushes for a complete makeover! The essentials you need to apply makeup to eyes and face.


I got this in perfectly wrapped parcel in which there was a black pouch , and all my dear brushes were inside that pouch :) External wrapping was excellent and none of my brush seemed to be damaged or mishandled :)


Large Powder - F30 : 
At first , I thought this a very big brush .. I mean really big , I thought what I"ll do of this much huge brush .. :P
It has a rounded top .. It has got dense bristles .. But it's also kinda fluffy , and it's perfect for applying powder products on face and body .. It has got natural bristles that's why I love it .. I am using this brush for quite a long time now , but it has never shed a single hair :) $16 if purchased individually.

I use this to apply :
My MAC Sheer Pressed Powder
My bronzer ( Perfect for applying bronzer :)
My loose powder 
My mineral Foundation powder 

Duo Fibre - F50 :
I simply love this stippling brush , I had been crazy for this when I got it , almost all times using this , applying literally anything on my face :D ... It's ideal to apply very pigmented products on your face , It knows things which other brushes don't :) .. It picks up exactly the ideal amount of product and does not make you look like a clown .. specially if you are going to apply very pink or rose colored blushes. It is a very soft brush , and unlike other stippling brushes , It never gave off any hair :) It is a blend of synthetic and natural bristles .. White ones are synthetic and black ones are natural bristles. It gives an "airbrushed" finish when I apply my liquid foundation with this :)
$16 if purchased individually.

I use this to apply :
My liquid foundation
My mousse foundation
My Powder , Creme and Mousse blushes
My highlighter on cheeks ( sometimes )
My creme bronzer

Buffer - F45 :
Again a wonderful brush , fluffy but very dense. It feels soft and smooth on face.
It is made of natural bristles , $19 if purchased individually.
It is great to apply mineral foundations , loose or pressed powders , as Sigma suggests :)
It is also great to buff colors onto the skin so as to get an even , flawless , blended look :)

I use this :
To apply my loose powder
To buff my mineral foundation on face
To apply my liquid bronzer ( tanner ) on my neck and arms


Eye Shading - E55 :

It is a soft and dense brush with natural bristles . It has got a rounded finish.  This brush is one single brush I carry with my all the times :) .. It can be used to apply pressed and loose eye shadows and pigments.
$9 if purchased individually. It gives an intense look of shadows , so highly recommended.
I use this to apply my pressed eye shadows mostly.

Pencil brush - E30 :
It is mainly designed to work on your crease and inner corners of eyes.
It has also got natural bristles , $9 if purchased individually.
Sigma suggests this brush for precise application of color on crease , outer corner and upper and lower lash lines. It is also great to smudge out pencil liner , which is best function of this brush for me :)

Tapered Blending - E40 :

This brush has got rounded and tapered top , made with natural bristles , costs $9 if purchased individually.
It is specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease.
I use this :
To apply and blend colors on my crease 
To apply highlighter on brow bone and cheek bone too 
To apply creme concealer ( sometimes )


1. I never noticed any fading of bristles in any brush .
2. Some face brushes can shed , depending upon how you are using that , but so far , my face brushes did not shed.
3. They had a smell once I got them , I deep cleaned them with my MAC brush cleanser and then washing with baby shampoo .. after 2 washes , I did not notice any smell.
4. These brushes are multi-functional , you can use them for any purpose depending upon your own creativity.
5. These brushes have got solid , heavy handles .. I love to hold them :)

I have got MAC 187 duo fibre brush too , and a comparison of Sigma F50 brush and MAC 187 brush will be posted soon :)
If you're planning to buy this kit or any other product by Sigma ..Click HERE They ship worldwide :D

Please comment on post so I can know you liked my review or not ?

Glamorama Makeup & Beauty.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Glamorama Makeup & beauty Hosting Contest At Her Blog


Hey , this is a thanks giveaway to all who r following me on twitter :) I am hosting a giveaway 

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One Lucky winner will get 2 sets of these Precious Metals by Luscious Cosmetics.

Good Luck :)


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Contest at Madiha's Makeup Blog. Entre to get a chance to win.

Visit directly to her blog:

My First MAC & Sedonalace GIVEAWAY!!!

Hello my lovelies!

I am super excited today, i love giveaways and i always enter every single giveaway i know about, so i decided to do a giveaway myself. First of all i would like to say a huge thank you to my lovely followers who have been reading and commenting on my blog, I love you guys!! Its been only one month i started blogging and i have got 46 followers already which i didn't expected by the way but i am really happy about that, i just love to read your comments :) so onto the giveaway now. I'll be giving away following prizes to one lucky winner:

First Prize:

* MAC paintpot of your choice
*MAC lipstick of your choice
*MAC eyeshadow of your choice

Second Prize:

*One Sedonalace 88 palette of your choice ( Matte, shimmer, warm, metal mania)


* You MUST be a follow my blog publicly via Google Friend Connect .

* If you are under 18 get your parent/guardian permission.

* Open Internationally.

* This Giveaway will close on  28th of February 2011 (I want to give this chance to as many people as possible).  

*  You can enter only once so don't use fake IDs to enter multiple times or you will be disqualified.

How to Enter:

* Leave just ONE comment below saying "Enter me" or whatever you wanna say.

* Name of eyeshadow, lipstick and paintpot you want if you win but please don't ask for limited edition products.

* Name of 88 palette you want if you get second prize.

*Your Name

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*Your Email ID

*Your country

Optional Entries:

* +1 ENTRY If you posted my giveaway in your sidebar ( Enter URL ) blogs just made for giveaways will not be counted.

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Winner will be chosen using


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Collaboration Post: Glamorama sharing her tips regarding fixing the broken beauty products

Fix Broken Beauty Products

Hey Girls , I got simple solutions for you if diff items have been broken of u :)
So just try these and save the budget ;)

Nail Polish Bottles That Won’t Open :

Cause: Each time you remove the brush, you probably swipe it against the bottle’s edge to get rid of the excess polish. Some drips down the outside and dries, and it’s as good as glue. And no one has yet come up with a polish formula that sticks to nails but not glass.
Cure: As a first step, use a jar gripper or wrap a rubber band several times around the cap to give you a better grip. If that doesn’t do the trick, run hot water over the bottle to loosen the dried polish, then try again.
Preventive tip: “When you finish polishing your nails, use a little polish remover on a tissue to clean around the rim of the bottle, then store the bottle upright,” says Kristi Fuhrmann, a Los Angeles-based makeup artist.

Broken Lipstick
Cause: Because they’re made of waxes and emollients, lipsticks become unstable if they aren’t kept at the right temperature, explains New York City makeup artist AJ Crimson. “If you’re not storing it at room temperature, or if it gets too hot in your purse, a lipstick can melt and lose strength, which makes it more susceptible to breaking completely,” he says.
Cure: Mash the bullet back into the tube and apply with a lip brush. If it’s too far gone for that to work, scoop what’s left into an empty lip-gloss pot, use a blow-dryer to melt it into place, and let set.
Preventive tip: If a lipstick looks as if it’s melting, put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes so it can regain its consistency.

Shattered Powder Eye Shadow or Blush

Cause: You bumped it or dropped it. And because compacted makeup is usually less than a quarter-inch thick, says Crimson, it’s very fragile. Extremes in temperature can also make pressed powder more prone to breakage.
Cure: Add a few drops of rubbing alcohol to the compact and use a butter knife to smooth the powder back into shape, says Fuhrmann. Let dry before using. If the damage can’t be repaired, you can crush the cosmetic completely, transfer it to a small resealable bag or jar, and use it as loose powder.
Preventive tip: When traveling, place cotton puffs over each eye shadow, blush, or powder before closing the case, says Crimson. Store them in a cool, dry place.

Clogged Hair-Spray Pump

Cause: “A clogged nozzle typically occurs when a small amount of resin, which is what gives hair spray its stickiness and holding properties, dries and sticks to the exit hole in the sprayer,” says Mark Frey, director of marketing for personal-care products at Meadwestvaco Calmar, a leading manufacturer of packaging.
Cure: Hold the nozzle under warm running water, then remove the residue with a tissue or use a toothpick to gently scrape away any debris lodged in the hole.
Preventive tip: After each use, run the nozzle under warm water, then dry with a tissue. Store hair spray with the cap on in a cool, dry place. If you use hair spray only occasionally, buy small cans to avoid buildup in the nozzle over time, says Kevin Marshall, the group creative director at Marc Rosen Associates, a package-design and branding firm in New York City.

Jammed Lotion Pump

Cause: It’s either a clog (a bit of lotion in the hole of the pump has hardened) or a pump defect (one of the mechanism’s many parts is misaligned), which causes the whole gizmo to fail, says president and CEO of MD Skincare Carrie Gross.
Cure: If a clump is the issue, run the pump under hot water, then use a toothpick, a needle, or a bobby pin to dig the blockage out of the hole. If this doesn’t work, and the pump itself is the cause, take it out and pour the lotion into a plastic cosmetics bottle (available at drugstores).
Preventive tip: After each use, wipe away any lotion sitting at the tip of the pump with a cotton swab.

Broken Perfume Pump

Cause: The pump tops of many fragrance bottles have crimped collars to prevent leaks. If these are misassembled, the perfume won’t make it to the nozzle. Other possible culprits? A faulty pump spring or a pump that is poorly attached to the dip tube (that strawlike thing). “The dip tube can also come loose in the bottle,” says Doug Virtue, president and CEO of Virtue Development Company, which creates packages for fragrances, skin-care products, and other cosmetics. “Unfortunately, there’s no way to reattach it.”
Cure: “Return it to the store where you bought it,” says senior director of packaging development for Revlon Ray Garofano. Before buying, ask what the return policy is on faulty packaging.
Preventive tip: Try a spritz before you buy (though that’s no guarantee your purchase won’t break later).

Missing or Broken Aerosol Cap

Cause: “If the cap is broken, it may have been assembled with greater force than necessary,” says Garofano. “This can cause the cap to spread slightly, making it weaker.” If, on the other hand, the cap has pulled a disappearing act, it probably wasn’t securely attached to begin with or it got jostled loose with use.
Cure: Fortunately, many companies use the same packaging, so try taking a cap from another bottle, says Marshall. Gently press it down onto the stem, being careful to point it away from your face.
Preventive tip: Replace the cap by pressing it gently and directly on the center of the nozzle.

Article courtesy from Real Simple

I hope you'll like this :)
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