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Glamorama Makeup & Beauty Posted Her Personal Reviews Regarding Thier Brushes.

REVIEW : Sigma Face & Eyes Brush Kit

My lovely Brushes 

Hello girls , I am very excited today to present you this lovely review .. This review is long overdue.
I was not just getting time to post it , I was tooooooo busy experimenting with my lovely brushes :)

I am reviewing Face & Eyes Kit .. Its available for $54 on Sigma Website. These brushes can be purchased separately too but that will cost $78 .. So I think this kit is a great deal :D
I think they are worth the money .. I totally recommend them , Never ever in my life have used such great and wonderful brushes :)

Sigma new numbering is like this :

E brushes -- For eyes
F brushes -- For face
L brush --    For lips

I have fallen in love with this kit , ever since I have got it  :) .. It's very useful and all the brushes are like which I use almost daily :)

As the Sigma says : 6 professional quality brushes for a complete makeover! The essentials you need to apply makeup to eyes and face.


I got this in perfectly wrapped parcel in which there was a black pouch , and all my dear brushes were inside that pouch :) External wrapping was excellent and none of my brush seemed to be damaged or mishandled :)


Large Powder - F30 : 
At first , I thought this a very big brush .. I mean really big , I thought what I"ll do of this much huge brush .. :P
It has a rounded top .. It has got dense bristles .. But it's also kinda fluffy , and it's perfect for applying powder products on face and body .. It has got natural bristles that's why I love it .. I am using this brush for quite a long time now , but it has never shed a single hair :) $16 if purchased individually.

I use this to apply :
My MAC Sheer Pressed Powder
My bronzer ( Perfect for applying bronzer :)
My loose powder 
My mineral Foundation powder 

Duo Fibre - F50 :
I simply love this stippling brush , I had been crazy for this when I got it , almost all times using this , applying literally anything on my face :D ... It's ideal to apply very pigmented products on your face , It knows things which other brushes don't :) .. It picks up exactly the ideal amount of product and does not make you look like a clown .. specially if you are going to apply very pink or rose colored blushes. It is a very soft brush , and unlike other stippling brushes , It never gave off any hair :) It is a blend of synthetic and natural bristles .. White ones are synthetic and black ones are natural bristles. It gives an "airbrushed" finish when I apply my liquid foundation with this :)
$16 if purchased individually.

I use this to apply :
My liquid foundation
My mousse foundation
My Powder , Creme and Mousse blushes
My highlighter on cheeks ( sometimes )
My creme bronzer

Buffer - F45 :
Again a wonderful brush , fluffy but very dense. It feels soft and smooth on face.
It is made of natural bristles , $19 if purchased individually.
It is great to apply mineral foundations , loose or pressed powders , as Sigma suggests :)
It is also great to buff colors onto the skin so as to get an even , flawless , blended look :)

I use this :
To apply my loose powder
To buff my mineral foundation on face
To apply my liquid bronzer ( tanner ) on my neck and arms


Eye Shading - E55 :

It is a soft and dense brush with natural bristles . It has got a rounded finish.  This brush is one single brush I carry with my all the times :) .. It can be used to apply pressed and loose eye shadows and pigments.
$9 if purchased individually. It gives an intense look of shadows , so highly recommended.
I use this to apply my pressed eye shadows mostly.

Pencil brush - E30 :
It is mainly designed to work on your crease and inner corners of eyes.
It has also got natural bristles , $9 if purchased individually.
Sigma suggests this brush for precise application of color on crease , outer corner and upper and lower lash lines. It is also great to smudge out pencil liner , which is best function of this brush for me :)

Tapered Blending - E40 :

This brush has got rounded and tapered top , made with natural bristles , costs $9 if purchased individually.
It is specially designed to apply and blend color on the crease.
I use this :
To apply and blend colors on my crease 
To apply highlighter on brow bone and cheek bone too 
To apply creme concealer ( sometimes )


1. I never noticed any fading of bristles in any brush .
2. Some face brushes can shed , depending upon how you are using that , but so far , my face brushes did not shed.
3. They had a smell once I got them , I deep cleaned them with my MAC brush cleanser and then washing with baby shampoo .. after 2 washes , I did not notice any smell.
4. These brushes are multi-functional , you can use them for any purpose depending upon your own creativity.
5. These brushes have got solid , heavy handles .. I love to hold them :)

I have got MAC 187 duo fibre brush too , and a comparison of Sigma F50 brush and MAC 187 brush will be posted soon :)
If you're planning to buy this kit or any other product by Sigma ..Click HERE They ship worldwide :D

Please comment on post so I can know you liked my review or not ?

Glamorama Makeup & Beauty.

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