Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Favourite Brush Set " Delux Diva 12 Piece Brush Set By Luscious Cosmetics"

It includes 12 brushes which will make you experiance a real & true feel of makeup ;-) Its secured in a leather pouch with Luscious signature shining on top.


  " A deluxe, twelve-piece brush collection for the diva who’s got to have it all. This brush set includes 12 luxury brushes for creating a professional, polished makeup application. It includes a face powder brush, a foundation brush, a lip brush, a brow brush, two different eyeliner brushes, and six eyeshadow brushes. This set comes with its own luxurious faux leather carrying case.
These high quality brushes have sleek handles and top high-quality synthetic Taklon hairs.
Luscious makeup brushes are 100% cruelty free and are made from high-quality synthetic nylon hair
MY PERSONAL VIEWS: I like the brush set not because of any one reason, i am obsessed with this brush set ever since i have bought it, i wanted to share and tell you guys the multiple uses of each & every brush . There are severals of reason that i love it & you should buy it:
1-They are firm, pack the colour on the skin
2-easily washable
3-The same shine of bristles after every wash
4-serves the accurate purpose
5-the brushes are cruelty free they are synthetic
6-handles are sleek & of very high quality
7-Easily carried away if you are travelling, It has got leather poch which will keep those brushes safe.
8-Brushes designed for surving multi purposes.
9- Quite soft & delicate on the skin

SO i have decided why not to show you guys the pictures and tell you guys the purpose and shape:

The brush is tappered fiber, Its quite firm which will help the product to go on smoothly on skin & also avoid streak marks. Its Best for applying liquid foundation, Cream blushes And liquid highlighters on highlighting points.

 The bristles are soft & fluffy, The overall look of the brush is very cute. Its best for dusting loose/compact powder of face, Perfect for blending face powder and blush on together in the end, Buffing shimmer/highlighter on face.

  Its large, flat & rounded shaped eyeshadow brush,Quite firm. Perfect for applying eyeshadow on all over the lids and brow bone area, Also for covering large area, and accurate crease colour.

 Its quite firm flat eyeshader brush. Perfect for packing the colour on the eyelids, I find it great for applying my concealer around the nose, corners of lips and under eyes, Also can work great for primer. (Always use brush for applying concealer on under eyes, avoid using finger tip. It can cause early wrinkles)

Its sqaure shaped flat shader brush, Perfect for applying creme eyeshadows, concealers, primer on eyes. Also good for those who are beginners and find difficulty in applying eyeliner with brush, This brush can help them providing the whole guidline with its flat straight top, I usually apply bold eyeliners on my eyes like arabic inspired eyeliners can be easily drawn with this brush.

  Its in round shape and used for shading the outer corners of the eyes, Crease area and can also be used as softening the harsh lines.


Its a fluffy brush, round in shape.  The main purpose of this brush is to blend the eyeshadows together, to prevent all those harsh lines. It can also be used to apply shade to all over the eye lid till brow bone. I usually contour my nose with this brush, Apply highlighter to nose bridge, Cupid bow, cheek bones etc

   Its pointed firm bristled brush, Perfect for smudging out the cream liners, Eyeshadow to lower lids,Fix colours to narrow areas, also for highlighting the tear ducts. This brush can also be used to draw a defined crease.

Its eyeliner brush, Quite firm, Draw the eyeliner precisly on upper and lower eyelids. Thin or thick depends upon choice. 

Its small angled flat lip brush. Ideal for lining & shaping the lips, fill in the colour and blend properly. It can also be used as lining the eyes:D i usually apply eyeliner with it.

  Its pointed sponged brush, Perfect for smudging the creme liner and all harsh lines in eyemakeup. Perfect for creating soft smokey rimmed eyes.

This is angled brow brush, it quite very firm, perfect for brow grooming. applying the brow colours to give a finishing look to your brows. Well some times i apply powder eyeshadow close to my lid as eyeliner with this brush. it sets the colour very perfectly.

*(do wash makeup brushes with mild liquid saop & cold water, and let them dry upside down over the night)

In the end i would suggest this brush set to all of you, kindly buy and try out this brush set, Its of 1,950/- PKR. Trust me its worth buying.
visit: they deliver nationwide :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bounty for The Body "JLO Miami Glow Body Lotion" ;-)

Today, i am sharing something very interseting, very girly & very fancy :) jennefer Lopez Miami Glow Body Lotion. I know you all must be familiar with JLO about thier girly, dreamy & fruity Fragrance. I had JLO's scent for a long period of time so from that time it was my priority. Well about this lotion i have alot to tell you :)
The best thing is that it was gifted me by my close one. 
The lotion is a rich body treatment especially in this season when you have to apply lotion again & again. Once applied you dont want to retouch. It will leave your skin like smooth, silky with soft touch. Regular use of this will make your skin feel like a petal of rose or some touch of satin silk. Eversince i have got this lotion i never leave home without applying this lotion and never sleeps without applying it on my arms and neck, & when i wake up in the morning the fragrance is as fresh as the breeze of the new morning. It really leaves a dewy finish. Also i have noticed in couple of weeks that it also improves the skin colour.
 As far as the packaging is concerned its in wide tubed form, Desired amount swiftly comes out of the bottle when squeezed. Design of the tube is also very stylish very spicy with the usage of bold colours, will definetly make your vanity table fancy & up ;-) Also the size is great , Contain 200ml which is quite enough & would last for ages.
Well, the sad part is that its not available in pakistan :( You will have to hunt about the product & price in internet. They have other stuff which features thier skin care, fragrance, colour cosmetics etc.
So, are you girls ready to prepare youself for getting addicted ;-) then try this out, i am sure you all would be loving it.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Glamorama makeup & beauty posted her 30 day challenge!


Hey Girls , I am super excited for this idea :) .. I am gonna do 30 DAY CHALLENGE .. with following questions , I will be doing post on daily basis , according to this schedule ..

I saw this on many blogs and websites .. Finally doing it on my blog , last one whom I saw doing , and she's still doing is Christine :)

30 Day Challenge!!!
Day 01- Your favorite eyeliner
Day 02 — Your favorite bag that you own
Day 03 — Your favorite brush
Day 04 — Your favorite foundation
Day 05 — Your favorite thing to do
Day 06 — Anything Hello Kitty
Day 07 — Your Favorite animal
Day 08 — A photo that makes you laugh
Day 09 — Your favorite pair of shoes
Day 10 — Current fashion/style you like
Day 11 — Bag you want to have
Day 12 — Your Favorite color
Day 13 — Photo of your fashion/style icon
Day 14 — Photo of a hairstyle/haircut you'd like to have
Day 15 — Photo of your favorite bracelet
Day 16 — Music you like
Day 17 — Fashion Pieces that's on your to-buy list
Day 18 — Your favorite beauty guru
Day 19 — Your favorite look from a beauty guru
Day 20 — Your favorite mascara
Day 21 — Your favorite lip stick
Day 22 — What makes you happy
Day 23 — Place where you want to live
Day 24 — Your favorite food
Day 25 — What do you want to get from luux
Day 26 — An Item from your wishlist
Day 27 — Your favorite skincare product
Day 28 — Your favorite drink
Day 29 — Photo of something that makes you go awww
Day 30 — Your favorite nail polish

I hope you'll like my 30 day posts :D 


Friday, January 21, 2011

Glamorama Shares Her Review About Her Artdeco Blushons!


Artdeco is expensive and I have so many blushes that I hesitated to try this one. But pressure over took me plus curiosity made me want to know if this blush was really all that. It is. It is a translucent powder blush that is very subtle and very natural. I don't see much shimmer at all in this. I thought it was too light for me at first but, after trying it a few times, I saw the natural flush of my cheeks and realized it looked completely natural, not as if I were wearing blush. I have many, many blushes and some are really pigmented or not too natural looking. Others are too subtle. Some are just right. This one falls in the just right category.

Artdeco blushes come with a magnet on their bottom to be placed in their magnet boxes.

Number 16: This blush looks good on almost any skin tone. It is a soft pink (None of the pics do it justice) that gives a pinched cheek effect.. It is of RS.730/-. It's worth it. Plus a little is all I need all day.

Number 29 : I use this one for contouring of my cheeks , Its a bit brownish blush , but can wear it on cheeks too , for that extra oomph , and on-the-go look .. But for daily wear ,It's a bit darker for me .

Overall :
Very nice blushes with a good range , and variety of colour, I'm soon hunting for a peach blush by artdeco for Summer look : )

I am Loving It! Luscious " Mineral Eyeshadows"

  So today i am writing about Luscious precious mineral, eyeshadow which i recently bought online from thier site. As i am LUSCIOUS hard core fan so i just bought to try them out, but i was amazed to see the consistency of the powder also the quality, the pigment and the rich formula which give that STUNNING look to the eyes if even one shade is applied. I am too excited to share the reviews with you guys.

WHAT THE COMPANY SAYS:   " range of silky, pure mineral pigment eyeshadows, created with minerals for out-of-this-world color delivery. We all know that mineral pigment eyeshadows are the most sought after in the world due to the vibrant results they create in eye makeup.Pigments are also extremely expensive and each shade is normally sold separately by other beauty brands. Hundreds of Luscious fans have emailed me to complain about the high price of pure pigments and requested to create them for my brand. One of my main concerns is to keep Luscious products as affordable as possible, so our Precious Metals Pure Mineral Eyeshadows (3 shades in each set) will be available at a quarter of the price of a single shade sold by other beauty brands! Now that's what I call celebrating beauty, don't you agree? "

MY HONEST COMMENTS: I honestly find these powders very great very high pigmented and stay on stuff. The powder is mineralized formula that means its very safe sensitive skin & eyes. The consistency of the powder is thick and cream to powder kind of. While applied adequatly i am 100% sure you wont experiance much fall outs as compared to other powdered eyeshadows. Even with out applying primer or eyeshadow base you can get best result on eyes by having the same shade you see in 
the jar. 
You can do a combination with these 3 pretty shades. As i have applied the gold one on brow area, Pink one on eyelids and the turqouise one in lower eyelid area. Lined my eyes with luscious eyeliner and applied few coates of Luscious's incredible lash mascara  :)
Also you can apply any one of the beautifull shade on your eyelids it will also look pretty. As i have applied the 
turquoise one in my eyelid area and smudged the luscious's compact eyeshadow in "Smoke" on my upper and lower eyelids with pencil brush. And applied incredible lash mascara.

The colours are very pretty, Perfect for this season. They are really girly shades.            

I just love this colour, Its kind of sea green/Turqouise.

 This one is best for high lighting the brow area, can be applied as single shade on lids for day time. Its kind of earthy toned gold shade. Hint of this shade can add glow to the nose bridge, tear ducts and also cheek bones :)

This shade is also pretty. Its kind of peachy pink or "Gajri colour". Great for lid colour & hint of this shimmer can add glow to the cheeks:) 

There are 4 different combinations, each stackable pot featuring three gorgeous perfectly co-ordinated shades!   Enchanted summer holidays pop art star dust Each shade glides on like silk so you can use a single shade for a pop of colour on your eyes or layer each shade for ulta-glam looks.

I hope you girls liked my review about this beautifull recently launched product by Luscious cosmetics. The price of each stack of mineral eyeshadow is  575/- PKR . Its very reasonable that in this price we get three beautifull shade and trust me jar is large enough and would take ages to get finished ;-) visit thier site to place order or to see more exciting stuff by them.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Glamorama Makeup & Beauty Shares Her Review About Her Favourite Primer "That Girl" Brightening Face Primer by Benefit



Hello , Glam girlz  , I hope you had a fantastic Sunday , Sorry about delay of this review , I had written it quite a few days back , but my dead speed net waz not allowing me to upload pictures ! ewww :P

Anyways , Finally I'm here with this wonder product, I have fallen in love with this.

My sister brought this from Dubai for me , it was of 138 DH.
On Benefit Cosmetics Website , its price is 28$.
It is not available anywhere in Pakistan :( , I know that's a sad thing for many of you... I am lucky I got this , and really this primer really brightens my skin , I just love it.

It comes in lovely twistable container , you have to roll , for exact amount of product you want , and it gives you only that much you want :) No extra product comes out , you got perfect control over it ;)

You just remove cap , and see many holes on top , from where the product is expelled out when you twist from bottom.

Once product is out of holes , you see it's just like any moisturizer , but it is not greasy at all.
It is pink , you can say liquid , but I would say it semi-solid , It's not too creamy , not too watery , not too think.. Perfect consistency , and superb texture .

It is pink , so it combats my yellow n pale skin very beautifully. I don't know it is brightening as it claims , or not , but it does make my skin very smooth and preps it for application of foundation.

Even without foundation , for a just-too-normal day , I just wear this , and dab my skin with little of loose powder , and I get perfect results. 

 It has a very lovely berry type , bubble gum like fragrance , which refreshens u :)
I absolutely recommend it.

1. Lovely fragrance
2. Easily blendable
3. Great texture
4. Easy to use container

1. Very high priced
2. Not available in Pakistan :(

I hope you like my review :) You can buy it HERE


Posted By Fizza Owner Of GLAMORAMA MAKEUP & BEAUTY!!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday " Chamak Cosmetics"

Chamak was created to celebrate teh south asian culture through makeup. Shades are inspired by our rich culture & tradition. Well no doubt about it i was just looking at thier site and i was like WOW, what a wonderfull effort by sarah ali released amazing cosmetic range which shows south asian culture, and names portrey our values , tradition fragrance of our sand. 
An amazing brand featuring variety of face products essential for perfect makeup Also signature organic skin care products.
Today is thier 1st birthday of Chamak makeup brand. It was founded in 16 january 2010 & i have prepared this beautifull reveiw for them :) 


1- Resham Face Primer
1 fl. oz.
- Resham: [ ray shum], silk
- smoothes out skin, creates a silky, poreless look and softens skin
- contains special mineral blend and salicylic acid to control shine, keep pores from being blocked by makeup
- Silica & Vitamin E to smooth skin
- oil free, paraben free 

                                                             2-Shafaaf Makeup Remover
4 fL. oz.
- shafaaf: [sha  faaf], sparkling clean
- extra gentle formula
-  leaves skin clean w/o oily residue
- contains natural ingredients
which refresh skin including
chamomile, rosemary and
aloe vera

3-Shabaab Mineral Foundation
1 fl. oz.
- shabaab: [sha bob], peak of beauty
- paraben free
- botanical blend mattifies skin and creates poreless look
- smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles
- natural satin finish, works well  for all skin types
- moderate coverage

4-Shabaab Mineral Pressed Powder
.39 oz.
- paraben free
- spf 25
- light sheer to medium coverage 
-contains 4 colours

 Hussn Loose Powder:
hussn: [hussn] ,  facial beauty
- triple milled, micro fine
- opaque, can be worn by itself or as setting powder over foundation
- available in 4 colors named after types of grains and flour that is essential to south asian cooking

Chaliya Mineral Concealer
chaliya: [ cha-lee-ya] , one who deceives, conperson
- paraben free, dye free, talc free
- optical diffusers cover dark circles, blemishes and discoloration flawlessly
- Contains Sodium Hyalorinate & Squaline, Vitamin A, C & E to improve, refresh and hydrate skin
- mineral formula blends seamlessly into skin
- available in 6 shades, named after nuts. nuts are an integral part of south asian culture and are heavily used in  our cuisine, skin care & ayurvedic medicine

Kora Kaghaz Eye Primer
Kora Kaghaz: bare canvas,
- eye primer creates a smooth surface for eyecolors
- prevents creasing
- helps make eyeshadow last longer and show up darker


Shabnam Cream Shadow
- Shabnam: dewdrops
- velvety creams that dries to a creaseless, budgeproof dry finish
- can be worn alone or go perfectly with Spice Rack loose shimmers
 Eyebrow Powder
- eyebrow pressed shadow in shades for all skin tones
  ranging from blonde to black hair
- subtle color 
- how to use: apply with angled eyebrow brush.

Dhoom Powder
Dhoom: a bomb like sound,  such as "boom", "pow"
- gorgeous high intensity  loose shimmer powder with crushed glitter
infused for a diamond like brilliant effect
- light & soft texture, buildable
- available in several shades
how to use:  apply over eye primer, cream eyeshadow, or concealer
or can be applied wet (deeper shades may become too dark for everyday daytime looks)
- what brush:  apply with natural fibre brush for easier application

Araash: glitter
- fine cosmetic grade glitter in two sizes, .008 & .004
- available in 14 shades
- shade names inspired by metal & stones in South Asia, and are used to create breathtaking jewelry sets that differ in style based on the city 

                                          Glitz Fix:
- sets glitter in place
- clear gel
- can be used all over face
- safe to use all over lid, near tear duct
and near lashline
- dries down quickly


Gel Liner
- budgeproof, long lasting & deeply pigmented
- available in flat & metallic shades

  Liquid Liner
- budgeproof, long lasting
- displayed in product shot: black, silver, bronze & gold

Mineral Pencil Liner:
- soft and moisturizing eyeliner, richly pigmented
- perfect for creating soft blended eye makeup looks
- 7 classic shades and more coming!
raath (night)- black,
zameen  (earth), dark brown
shaam ( evening)- shimmer brown,
aandhi (storm)- shimmer grey
mehndi (henna)- evergreen  ***  flying off the shelf
moorni (peacock)-  dark aqua ***  flying off the shelf
sawera (morning)- hi-liter 
Lip Primer
- smoothes, conditions & hydrates lips
- fills in lines and creates more plush lips
- extends wear of lip product

Mineral Lipstick
- paraben free
- moisturizing, super smooth feel
- creamy texure in both shimmery and flat colors
- available in 14 shades
- shades named after positive characteristics and qualities of a woman

Mineral Lipgloss
- paraben free
- non sticky, light feel, sheer colors
- lightly scented with Vanilla bean (mmmm don't eat it though)
- filled with good for you ingredients: vitamins A, D, E, shea butter, jojoba oil chamomile extract and grapeseed extract
- shades named after flowers, flowers play a major role in the culture, traditions and customs of South Asia

Mineral Lipliner
- paraben free
- ultra soft and creamy finish
- available in 5 classic shades
- we are coming up with creative shade names, email us with an idea,
  if we pick it, you receive that shade name for free! 

Thaaza Organic Cream Blush
Thaaza: [Tha zaaa], fresh
- $8
- the colors are inspired by ethnic fruits, which are a major
  part of the south asian diet and skin care
- pure, paraben free, no synthetic colors, no animal products
  except for beeswax and bee pollen 
- six shades flattering to medium skin tones
- balm like consistency is sheer and creates a soft glow
  on the cheeks & lips
- some shades are matte, some are shimmer

Lashkara Powder
- $12, $8 for refill
- Lashkara: [lash kar a], sparkly
- paraben free
- loose all over face shimmer
- in a beautiful mirrored container

- $8
- convenient roll on application
-  highlighter & creates a glow on face
- available in three shades named after wind:
Hawa, iridiscent white
Saba, soft gold
Pawan, champagne/pinkish bronze

professional makeup brushes made with quality natural and synthetic hairs, designed for precision makeup application.

Instead of bland numbers, I decided to give them more entertaining names. 

Brushes are sold individually and are available in sets. We currently have 16 brushes. Images & descriptions will be posted soon.

They can upgrade your brushes by adding Chamak for just a $1 extra per brush:  swarovsky crystal, crystal embellishments and bindis and/or a special glitter coat can be added.

I hope you all would like my ino about chamak brand. I want you all girls to visit their official site and see all thier range and also thier upcoming products and thier location. I wish i could try thier products out :(.

Take care & cheers