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Happy Birthday " Chamak Cosmetics"

Chamak was created to celebrate teh south asian culture through makeup. Shades are inspired by our rich culture & tradition. Well no doubt about it i was just looking at thier site and i was like WOW, what a wonderfull effort by sarah ali released amazing cosmetic range which shows south asian culture, and names portrey our values , tradition fragrance of our sand. 
An amazing brand featuring variety of face products essential for perfect makeup Also signature organic skin care products.
Today is thier 1st birthday of Chamak makeup brand. It was founded in 16 january 2010 & i have prepared this beautifull reveiw for them :) 


1- Resham Face Primer
1 fl. oz.
- Resham: [ ray shum], silk
- smoothes out skin, creates a silky, poreless look and softens skin
- contains special mineral blend and salicylic acid to control shine, keep pores from being blocked by makeup
- Silica & Vitamin E to smooth skin
- oil free, paraben free 

                                                             2-Shafaaf Makeup Remover
4 fL. oz.
- shafaaf: [sha  faaf], sparkling clean
- extra gentle formula
-  leaves skin clean w/o oily residue
- contains natural ingredients
which refresh skin including
chamomile, rosemary and
aloe vera

3-Shabaab Mineral Foundation
1 fl. oz.
- shabaab: [sha bob], peak of beauty
- paraben free
- botanical blend mattifies skin and creates poreless look
- smoothes out fine lines and wrinkles
- natural satin finish, works well  for all skin types
- moderate coverage

4-Shabaab Mineral Pressed Powder
.39 oz.
- paraben free
- spf 25
- light sheer to medium coverage 
-contains 4 colours

 Hussn Loose Powder:
hussn: [hussn] ,  facial beauty
- triple milled, micro fine
- opaque, can be worn by itself or as setting powder over foundation
- available in 4 colors named after types of grains and flour that is essential to south asian cooking

Chaliya Mineral Concealer
chaliya: [ cha-lee-ya] , one who deceives, conperson
- paraben free, dye free, talc free
- optical diffusers cover dark circles, blemishes and discoloration flawlessly
- Contains Sodium Hyalorinate & Squaline, Vitamin A, C & E to improve, refresh and hydrate skin
- mineral formula blends seamlessly into skin
- available in 6 shades, named after nuts. nuts are an integral part of south asian culture and are heavily used in  our cuisine, skin care & ayurvedic medicine

Kora Kaghaz Eye Primer
Kora Kaghaz: bare canvas,
- eye primer creates a smooth surface for eyecolors
- prevents creasing
- helps make eyeshadow last longer and show up darker


Shabnam Cream Shadow
- Shabnam: dewdrops
- velvety creams that dries to a creaseless, budgeproof dry finish
- can be worn alone or go perfectly with Spice Rack loose shimmers
 Eyebrow Powder
- eyebrow pressed shadow in shades for all skin tones
  ranging from blonde to black hair
- subtle color 
- how to use: apply with angled eyebrow brush.

Dhoom Powder
Dhoom: a bomb like sound,  such as "boom", "pow"
- gorgeous high intensity  loose shimmer powder with crushed glitter
infused for a diamond like brilliant effect
- light & soft texture, buildable
- available in several shades
how to use:  apply over eye primer, cream eyeshadow, or concealer
or can be applied wet (deeper shades may become too dark for everyday daytime looks)
- what brush:  apply with natural fibre brush for easier application

Araash: glitter
- fine cosmetic grade glitter in two sizes, .008 & .004
- available in 14 shades
- shade names inspired by metal & stones in South Asia, and are used to create breathtaking jewelry sets that differ in style based on the city 

                                          Glitz Fix:
- sets glitter in place
- clear gel
- can be used all over face
- safe to use all over lid, near tear duct
and near lashline
- dries down quickly


Gel Liner
- budgeproof, long lasting & deeply pigmented
- available in flat & metallic shades

  Liquid Liner
- budgeproof, long lasting
- displayed in product shot: black, silver, bronze & gold

Mineral Pencil Liner:
- soft and moisturizing eyeliner, richly pigmented
- perfect for creating soft blended eye makeup looks
- 7 classic shades and more coming!
raath (night)- black,
zameen  (earth), dark brown
shaam ( evening)- shimmer brown,
aandhi (storm)- shimmer grey
mehndi (henna)- evergreen  ***  flying off the shelf
moorni (peacock)-  dark aqua ***  flying off the shelf
sawera (morning)- hi-liter 
Lip Primer
- smoothes, conditions & hydrates lips
- fills in lines and creates more plush lips
- extends wear of lip product

Mineral Lipstick
- paraben free
- moisturizing, super smooth feel
- creamy texure in both shimmery and flat colors
- available in 14 shades
- shades named after positive characteristics and qualities of a woman

Mineral Lipgloss
- paraben free
- non sticky, light feel, sheer colors
- lightly scented with Vanilla bean (mmmm don't eat it though)
- filled with good for you ingredients: vitamins A, D, E, shea butter, jojoba oil chamomile extract and grapeseed extract
- shades named after flowers, flowers play a major role in the culture, traditions and customs of South Asia

Mineral Lipliner
- paraben free
- ultra soft and creamy finish
- available in 5 classic shades
- we are coming up with creative shade names, email us with an idea,
  if we pick it, you receive that shade name for free! 

Thaaza Organic Cream Blush
Thaaza: [Tha zaaa], fresh
- $8
- the colors are inspired by ethnic fruits, which are a major
  part of the south asian diet and skin care
- pure, paraben free, no synthetic colors, no animal products
  except for beeswax and bee pollen 
- six shades flattering to medium skin tones
- balm like consistency is sheer and creates a soft glow
  on the cheeks & lips
- some shades are matte, some are shimmer

Lashkara Powder
- $12, $8 for refill
- Lashkara: [lash kar a], sparkly
- paraben free
- loose all over face shimmer
- in a beautiful mirrored container

- $8
- convenient roll on application
-  highlighter & creates a glow on face
- available in three shades named after wind:
Hawa, iridiscent white
Saba, soft gold
Pawan, champagne/pinkish bronze

professional makeup brushes made with quality natural and synthetic hairs, designed for precision makeup application.

Instead of bland numbers, I decided to give them more entertaining names. 

Brushes are sold individually and are available in sets. We currently have 16 brushes. Images & descriptions will be posted soon.

They can upgrade your brushes by adding Chamak for just a $1 extra per brush:  swarovsky crystal, crystal embellishments and bindis and/or a special glitter coat can be added.

I hope you all would like my ino about chamak brand. I want you all girls to visit their official site and see all thier range and also thier upcoming products and thier location. I wish i could try thier products out :(.

Take care & cheers 

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