Wednesday, December 29, 2010

" Guaranteed Perfect Flawless Face By Luscious Cosmetics"

                                  PERFECT FLAWLESS FACE ;-)

Hey girls. So today i am revealing my daily foundation routine, which i strictly do follow & i gladly want to share those products with you so that you make up your mind and purchase them confidently. So, the secret is "LUCSIOUS COSMETIC'S FACE PRODUCTS" :D
                                                     Thier face routine is comparised of:
 1-All in one Whitening base.
 2-Flaw less finish oil-free liquid foundation.
 3-Studio secret instant brightening concealer.
 4-Compact pressed powder.

                         1-ALL IN ONE-WHITENING BASE

a) What Company Says About The Product:
                                     Its mend to save the skin from sun damage, its SPF 35 which is ideal recommended by dermatologist for our skin. All in one formula which means that its oil-free moisturizer, Sun Screen, Makeup primer.

   b) My Personal Veiws:
                                    I am just in love with this product. I never leave my home with out applying this sun screen, The reason i love it beacause its totally NON-GREASY, usually we all have experianced when we apply sun screen our skin feels sophocated, But its totally light. And it really act as a good makeup primer, In hot summer days when everything seems to be melting on face the foundation and eye makeup, But when its applied as a primer my makeup can last for ages i can bet ;-). It do not clog the pores. Another advantage is you need a little amount and can cover whole face. Those girls who are blessed with plain skin can only apply this whitening base and lightly dust powder to set. I apply it with fingertips starting from head and moving downwards. It makes the application of foundation more smoothly & swiftly.

 c) About The packaging:
                                    Its very cute little bottle, One thing i really like about the
bottle is that it has got nosel for the product to come out when squeezed, For hygiene purpose. As long as the product has less exposure to the air the product stays good & long lasting.           

d) Important Note:
                            As far as my experiance is concerened i can recommend this product to those people who have oily skin or combination. Otherwise you might feel some cakiness on face, or dry flakes. Also i find comfortable applying this product in summer season, as i have combination skin thatswhy .Only you know your face better than anyone so if you find your self cool applying this in winters than COOL :D.
Its of 725/- only. Quite reasonable and affordable. If you love your skin then its a very cheap deal ;-)


a) What Company Says About The Product:
                                               Its Oil-free silicone formula which keeps the skin looking matte all day long. Blends perfectly on skin. Luscious cosmetics has spent 2 years researching the various skin tones unique to our part of the world with the help of International cosmetics chemist & makeup artist. It has got variety of shades to match the skin tones perfectly.
1-ivory( for fair skin tones)
2-natural ( for fair to light skin tones)
3-Sand (for light biege skin tones)
4-medium beige (for warm beige skin tones)
5-honey (for warm caramel skin tones)

b) My Personal Views:
                                I never got any fabulous foundation which truely fulfills what the company promises. Its really oil free, matches my skin tone and can be comparable to international brands quality wise. Its very light, blends perfectly with out appearing the face cakey, Another thing is that its specially formulated for our pakistani skin tones. Usually the oil problem is common, 8 out of 10 people have oil problem. Its long lasting and stay on you dont have to set you foundation with powder again & again. You just need to apply a little amount & that can cover the whole face. Your all little imperfections can be covered without making the skin look heavy.You can even enjoy even if its drizzling ;-) trust me, I have experianced lol.
c) About the packaging:
                                   The black bottle with the signature of luscious cosmetics makes the packaging of product even more elite ;-) Again the nosel for squeezing out the product keeping all the hygiene standerds. Perfect for gifting to your good friends ;-)

 d) Important Note:
                            Those who have oily skin or combination they can enjoy this foundation in winter season also. But few of you may not enjoy this in winters it may make your face dry. Plenty amount of good Moisturizer before applying the foundation can help. Its of 675/- pakistani rupees. Always shake well before use.

TIP: You can mix an equal amount of whitening base & luscious flaw less oil free foundation  mix well and then apply with your finger tips. you will see an even coverage in no minutes especially when you are in rush.


a) What The Company Says About The Product:
                                                                   Formula that magically covers and brightens under-eye circles, erases blemishes, dark spots and imperfections to create a flawless complexion. Provides smooth, long-lasting, invisible coverage for an air-brushed finish. Its alo Dermatologist Tested good news for all those with sensitive skin .An instant bestseller, Studio Secret concealer has become a favourite product of celebrities and Luscious fans alike. Dark circles and spots magically disappear, providing a flawlessly even complexion. 
Comes out in 3 different shades to match with you foundation & skin:
 #1 Light Beige
 #2 Medium beige
 #3 Golden beige

b) My Personal Views:
                                 For me its has acted as a saviour. Every one does have imperfections on the face no body is perfect thoug;) especially the area around the nose, Corners of lips and yes under eye circle, I just twist the base of the pen 1-2 times and thats enough for covering my under eye circles & i evenly blend it with my flat shader brush evenly. trust me it does make my skin flawless :)

c) About The Packaging:
                                   One thing i really like about the product is that its Packaged in a convenient brush-pen for a precise application. Easy to apply and it can be easily carried in purse. The colour of the packaging is also very sober. for those who love all in black ;-)

d) Important Note:
                            Select the right shade by visiting the counter so that you select the right of foundation & then concealer for perfect face. It of 725/- .It will last for ages trust me.

TIP: After applying your foundation then apply a little amount of concealer blend evely wait for few minutes to set and then dust a little bit of powder to set the whole stuff completly.

                  4-  PRESSED POWDER COMPACT

a) What The Company Says About The Product:
                                                                     This micro-fine powder has a silky quality which will never cake on your skin. It provides a feather-light veil of comfort without blocking your pores.
                  The pressed compact powder is available in 3 shades:
 #1  ( For Fair to light skin tones)
 #2 ( For Light to medium skin tones)
 #3 ( For medium to golden skin tones)

b) My Personal Reviews:
                                    By toucing the texture of the powder i feel the satin finish. And while applying on face it just makes me feel wow :) Usually i dont apply the sponge which comes with the product i just dust a little amount with powder brush.

c) About The Packaging:
                                   The silverish shiny metalic surface of the case adds more glamour to the product. Its safe, It has got another protecting plastic seal for less exposure to the air. The case has got a lock/button kind of thing, When its pressed the case gets opened. Its of 725/- pakistani rupees.

So girls, i hope you liked my detailed review about my favourite foundation routine By Luscious Cosmetics. I just love love love them :) Take care & love yourself. Trust me your are beautifull ;)


  1. this is great... plz also telling us their prices...