Sunday, December 26, 2010

My Favourite " Ck Delicious Pout Flavoured Lip Glosses"


So in this review i will be showing all those products that can make your lips very beautifull pouty and Wowiiiii..... CK is renowned brand, They have made thier mark in the world of sports and now giving up to standred products in the world of Beauty & Fashion. I got ck's two colour cosmetic kits from my dad which he got from Malaysia. I will be reviewing thier rest of the product later but firstly ill write something about the gloss.

I have 3 shades of Ck gloss
1- Dew drop 403: Its slightly peachy, medium brownish kind of shade. Perfect for day time.

2- Sparkle 404: Its pinkish, And after applying you will feel as if you have applied petals of pink rose with lot of dew drops on it :) veryyy pretty & girlyyy.

3- Silverado 401: Its transparent with hint of shimmer. 

I have attached pictures so that you get the idea how exactly they look alike

1- They are really long lasting. They fits best in to the definition of STAY ON lip glosses.
2- They have got shimmer in them, Looks very pretty in pictures. Perfect for all shimmer lovers like me :D
3- Gives high voltage shine & also make your lips pouty, volumized in no minutes
4- Loved the sqeezy tube style, easy to apply and carry in your bag.

You can also search on internet about more shades, Because they have tons of shades more. Its really sad that its not available in pakistan :(, But yes you can ask somebody who lives abroad could buy for you. I recommend you buying this gloss you will be truely satisfied. 

Click the photo for more clear view.

Love Ya Girls ;-)

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