Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Favourite Estee Lauder Colour Expert Palette.

So today ill be writing about my most favourite palette, Estee Lauder colour expert palette. This palette really helps when i have to leave for any holiday plan because it contains all those colours & products which are essential for creating any look whether for party or some day time look. 

 Palette contains 4 lovely eyeshadows, 4 lipsticks, 1 blush on & face powder. Also tools along with it.

Pure Colour Eyeshadows: They are matte eyeshaows, If primer is applied they can give a nice texture & pigmentation with out primer atleast they didnt poped on my eyes. 
 Shadows name are:
1- 11 rose confetti (kind of milky rosey white colour its not exactly pure white) its perfect for highlighting and applying colour on tear ducts.

2- 63 mocha cup (its kind of greyish brown with hint of pink in it.) It can be used for giving depth to the corners of eyes, or creating any evening look by having the colour on whole)

3- o4 Dusty rose (Its quite pinky shade, pinky rose colour) i love wearing this colour alone on my lids.

4- 54 Copper penny ( Its pure brown shade & deep as well) I like blending the mocha cup with this colour fr smoked out look.

Pure Colour Long lasting Lipsticks:Among the whole kit the lip colours are my favourite. As we all know the estee lauder cosmetics have some strange envying fragrance, As well as the colours are super cute.
The shades are:
1- 186Tiger eye: Bronze colour

2- 187 Sunstone: If applied single coat it seems like tiger eyes, but its kind of pigmented than tiger eyes.

3- 116 Candy: Its quite bright shocking pink colour, or more like a barbie shade 

4- 1C5 Lotus Pink: Pastel pink, & my most favourite colour.

Tender Blushon: Blush on colour seems very intense in the kit but the pigment is quite light especially on south asian skin tones. I have to apply quite many coats to have a hint of blush on my cheeks.
 Colour name :
 213Rose Wood.
I have taken a lot of product to have this shade for swatch. so i am not that much satisfied with the blush colour.

AeroMatte Ultralucent Pressed Powder: Pressed powder is quite impressive. As i have got in quite small quanity but i just apply on my T-zone and get matte finish for quite long time.
 Pressed powder name:
1W Transparent
But its isnt that transparent.

 Lash XL maximum Lenght Mascara: If many coats are applied then we can get quite fuller & longer lashes, Other wise with 2-3 coats we just get a good textured lashes
 Its in shade black.

Tools: It has got 4 cute tools as well. 
1- Blush brush
2- Lipstick brushes
3- Eyeshadow sponges
4- Powder sponge.
They all cute & have Estee lauder's signature on top. 

Over all its good experiance to have this kit & also i  dont forget to take this kit when ever i am going to spend a day to any of my cousin home or leaving for vacations. 
Its not available in pakistan, But yes you may find such stuff in duty free shops ;-)
tc girls.


  1. Oh that is such a beautiful palette =D

  2. wow!! that is really awesome, really wants to purchase it soon xxxx Rocking Zaisha xxxx