Thursday, March 3, 2011

Collaboration post: Glamorama Beauty & Makeup Reviewing Luscious Delux Makeup Planner

REVIEW : Luscious Cosmetics Deluxe Makeup Planner

Hey Glam Girls , I am reviewing today this lovely Makeup Bag , by Luscious Cosmetics and they named it as Deluxe Makeup Planner.

Its lovely and particularly of interest for me , as I travel alot , so its best option for me to take all my makeup accessories on tho go with me .. I can carry my makeup brushes , my moisturizer , facewash , makeup cleanser , wipes , and all other makeup stuff in it ..

It comes in one color , with a pink rim .. I just love it .. It has also got Luscious Cosmetics logo on it..
When It's opened .. It looks like this ..

Has 3 pouches in it too .. so you can place and carry different type of makeup stuff in different pouches so they dont get mixed up.These pouches are removable from bag , so if you don't want to carry whole of bag , you can just take your basic make up in one of the pouches and take it with u in ur handbag :)
One pouch is of mesh and two are clear ..

According to Luscious Cosmetics : 
A  compact yet extremely spacious makeup bag containing one mesh and two clear removable pouches. A zippered compartment can hold small essentials and makeup palettes. The sleek microfibre fabric is easy to wipe clean.

I particularly love this cute Pink Pouch , I have selected this to place all my Pink Makeup stuff in it .. :) so I can get easily all the pink things .

There is another zippered compartment in bag .. in which you can put ur makeup brushes , wipes , curlers , small accessories , eyelashes or small palettes :)
PRICE = RS 1250/-

1. Spacious
2. Contains 3 pouches inside
3. Quite reasonably priced
4. Fabric is lovely and easy to wipe

1. Does not contain holders for brushes

There is another Makeup bag by Luscious Cosmetics which you can see HERE .. 

So you like this bag ??  Please comment .. Thanks alot ...

Love ,

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  1. wow!! that was so nice i want to purchase same like this soon xxxx Rocking Zaisha xxxx