Friday, March 4, 2011

Luscious Cosmetics Ultra Protective Whitening UV base SPF 35

                                                  ALL IN ONE-WHITENING BASE

What company says:
                                     Its mend to save the skin from sun damage, its SPF 35 which is ideal recommended by dermatologist for our skin. All in one formula which means that its oil-free moisturizer, Sun Screen, Makeup primer.

   My personal review:   I am just in love with this product. I never leave my home with out applying this sun screen, The reason i love it beacause its totally NON-GREASY, usually we all have experianced when we apply sun screen our skin feels sophocated, But its totally light. And it really act as a good makeup primer, In hot summer days when everything seems to be melting on face the foundation and eye makeup, But when its applied as a primer my makeup can last for ages i can bet ;-). It do not clog the pores. Another advantage is you need a little amount and can cover whole face. Those girls who are blessed with plain skin can only apply this whitening base and lightly dust powder to set. I apply it with fingertips starting from head and moving downwards. It makes the application of foundation more smoothly & swiftly.

    About The Packaging:  Its very cute little bottle, One thing i really like about the bottle is that it has got nosel for the product to come out when squeezed, For hygiene purpose. As long as the product has less exposure to the air the product stays good & long lasting.           

 Important note:   As far as my experiance is concerened i can recommend this product to those people who have oily skin or combination. Otherwise you might feel some cakiness on face, or dry flakes. Also i find comfortable applying this product in summer season, as i have combination skin thatswhy .Only you know your face better than anyone so if you find your self cool applying this in winters than COOL :D.
Its of 725/- only. Quite reasonable and affordable. If you love your skin then its a very cheap deal ;-)


  1. i am lovin ur foundation routne..:D
    and you knw wat farah primer is the best i use it with lil bit moisturizer othwse it gets dry very much on my face..:D

  2. hmmm that's sound great but i have a question have this base any side affect related to skin ??? xxxx Rocking Zaisha xxxx