Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confession Of A Shopaholic hosting a contest.

BLOG LINK TO HER CONTEST: http://www.shoppingaholic.com/2011/03/giveaway-call.html
Hello everybody, I know I am late. But it's better late than never. So I am planning to host a giveaway. However, I ain't sure what you all would like to win. Everybody seems to be giving away beauty stuff. So here I want my confusion to be solved by you all. I want to know what most of you want. An option with the specifications will help me a lot to find the better option of your choice. So, I would find the closest option  of your specifications on my favorite websites and send it to you. It's that easy. why do I choose websites because it's easy to send the item.

Here are your options:

a) Dress
b) Beauty Stuff
c) Home Decor
d) Shoes
e) Bag
f) Watch
g) Fragrance
h) Jewellery

 Rules will be the same:

a) You have to be my follower.
b) Like me on facebook.
c) Post about this giveaway so that if anyone who doesn't know about my blog get a chance to read it, follow it if they like. Do not create a post stating that they can head over here if they want to win this giveaway.

An example of your comment with the option:

f) watch: a watch with an eye popping color would be best for the spring 2011.

Giveaway starts: 03/23/2011 (EDT) 03/24/11 (IST)
Giveaway Ends on: 04:30 PM 04/10/2011 (EDT) 2:00AM (IST)

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